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Lilith is in Scorpio and so is Mars! You love these guys, they love you right back and they’re teaming up to give your June a nice edgy vibe -just how you like it.

Mars is your traditional ruler, his fierce lust for life and fuq-you wilfulness is right up your alley and his presence in your sign always amps up your ancient, primal power. So you’re thrilled to get this particular aspect of your mojo back in June, right?

Ok but I also have to tell you that Mars is travelling retrograde all month, which means that you, frustratingly, have to hold your fire where you might prefer to charge forward with all guns blazing in certain situations. It’s kind of tedious to be so on fire in terms of an amped up libido (and for Scorpio that’s saying something!), lust for life and naked ambition but you can’t fully act on it yet! This sucks?

Well not entirely, I mean it’s all about you slinking off to your proverbial lair and secretly scheming the next move in cool, calculating, I’ll-show-them mode; come on, admit it, you fuqing love this! (Think the archetypal Bond villain stroking their slightly evil cat as they brood over world domination, lol). And you also need to know that Mars charges forward in your sign form June 29th-August 2nd, so plenty of time to go for it and work your magic more directly in the world coming up soon. Patience, little Scorp, patience…

And meanwhile Lilith is moving forward in your sign beautifully. Lilith is that deeply authentic drive to rock our most primal, uncompromising groove in the world and really, truly not give a fuq what anyone else thinks about it, let alone ask permission from anyone to be who we are. Her prerogative for personal, psychic wholeness and just living sexily free of expectation is so Scorpio friendly, and she’s on board with your self-unfolding for 9 whole months! So yes, June is looking pretty good as the beginning of a fab new era.

Meanwhile, the New Moon of the 5th is a hot opportunity for a new kind of romantic intimacy, thank you Venus on board in your sex sector. And whether love is your thing or not, it could be a chance to sanely re-negotiate a better version of any financial negotiations currently unfolding in your life. And this may well come into fruition on the Full Moon of the 20th- a Blue Moon in your income sector, a rare chance to score the kind of coin you really deserve for whatever it is you do may well present itself. Keep an eagle eye out for this, yes?

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