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Mars retrograde through your home sector may have you questioning all kinds of domestic/familial/real-estate scenarios in your life right now; and I have to say that revisiting and re-thinking any old instincts about where you want to be living, how and with whom is so interesting. This is hugely productive and all but you ideally don’t action this too much until July. You’re still quietly scheming for the moment…

Meanwhile the New Moon of the 5th is where you take stock of your chosen social scene, and how effectively you can creatively express who you really are within it. You are seeking your true tribe; you either have your clan/besties gathered around you and you’re fully nurturing that -or not-and you have some cool instincts about how and where a promising new sense of community is presenting itself to you right now. This is an energising new awareness in your life, and not to be underestimated.

But what is really turning you on, to be honest, is the magnificent, fortunate Jupiter/Destiny Point action in your cash sector right now. This has been brewing all year, where you’ve been scheming madly how exactly you’re going to generate some big coin, or more importantly score the kind of long term financial freedom that will allow you to rock a meaningful vocation/rewarding lifestyle on your own terms. June-and specifically the 20th-22nd- is your peak moment to grab-or create- some wildly promising earning scenario, so stay sharp to an unexpected and well-earned opportunity!

And then the Blue Moon in your play sector on the 20th is bound to be fun, if you stay open to your own cool creative flow in art/commerce etc: and also good times on the social scene, where a bit of joyful playtime with like-minded peeps fires up your moxy nicely. And, who knows, being out and about/hanging with fellow creatives could reveal a cute little romantic type soul-connection-if you happen to be looking for that kind of thing? Go forth and knock em dead with your stunning charisma, huh-you know you want to!

Image: Julianne Moore for Bulgari

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