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So May was all about love lessons; and now June is professionally character building, with Mars backwards in your work sector all month. You are about to do the focused work of raking over all your recent career moves, the better to re-visit, re-define, refine, revision, tweak and perfect any vocational strategies; and get ready to move forward and get it right in July. Lilith newly into your work sector is a powerful fresh energy to action any intentions around a more fiercely authentic version of the day-job/daily routine/fitness schedule etc. You’re going to be a shining success machine before long, for sure…

Meanwhile, the Gemini New Moon of the 5th is a cracker! It’s exactly on top of Venus in your sign, so will renew your luminous beauty and charm for a start, and with Saturn grounding you beautifully in whatever love reality you might be entertaining right now. You, desirable and romantically wise is a fab combo for potential love dynamics!

And it also engages the spectacular Jupiter/Destiny Point action in your home sector, which has been brewing all year, super active all month and at peak potency by June 20-22nd. This is about a truly expansive and positive capacity to absolutely score the long-term domestic bliss, familial harmony, amazing real-estate opportunities, ultimate home base-or nomadic, travel based lifestyle (?) you’ve always wanted! Pluto on board here totally helps to nail any family or property type financial arrangements involved here with maximum, lucrative outcomes. So yes, your domestic mojo is on right now; and you at least want to feng shui your pad, or open up to a better than ever dynamic with family/co-habitants so you really love where you live, yes?

And then the Full Moon of the 20th in your love sector is a Blue Moon-with luvvy Venus and sexy Lilith on board! So a rare opportunity to magic some fascinatingly karmic love action generally, which is bound to be interesting at the very least. And specifically you get to pick up on any romantic developments from the Full Moon of May 22nd, and finesse the next step of that particular scenario. The Gemini love machine is on fire, so you might as well go forth and own it…

Image: Jerry Hall

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