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The New Moon of the 5th is hooking your ruling planet into an interesting new perspective for the month, as follows:

This Moon involves Venus in your work sector; you understand that day job success is all about bringing your best raw talent to the table- you gotta be good at what you do if you’re gonna bother doing it at all! If you’re working some day job that’s not your core competency, but dreaming about doing something more you, it might be worth paying attention to any restive thoughts coming up re this, they’re bound to be inspiring in the long run.

And if you are already doing your ideal gig, that allows you to showcase your brilliance then this is the month to work it, baby, and make the extra effort to do it well. Who knows who could be watching, and waiting to sing your praises/snap you up for some cool opportunity? The key is to put your best foot forward, rock your creative flair, dress for success, and professionally shmooze the hell out of whomever you need to. I don’t need to tell the savvy Cap the benefits of ruthlessly effective self-promotion, do I? You don’t wait around for some vague possibility that someone will notice you working quietly way in the corner- you keep banging away diligently AND get out shamelessly and make sure the right people notice you’re doing it dammit!

Saturn in your soul-sector and Neptune in your ideas sector add the internal fortitude to keep up the long hours etc but also, always, aware that whatever you’re doing has enough personal/spiritual significance and ongoing intellectual stimulation to make it all worthwhile as a sustainably fulfilling vocation.

Jupiter and the Destiny Point in your vision sector help with this; whether you’re studying/up-skilling madly to get ahead later, projecting some brazen biz scheme into your future, or scheming some travel/adventure thing that will help you make your aspirations more worldly, you are thinking BIG and it’s a great time for you to be doing it-it’s good for your soul right now to believe in your dreams!

Mars backwards in your social sector? Pfft, who has time for swanning around at parties right now, you’ve got bigger fish to fry.

And love? Go follow those dreams and you’ll meet someone fab along the way (maybe even at work?), or better connect with your current lover, the more your own, life-path mojo is on fire. Yes.

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