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If you’re a tad bored from Mars backwards in your work sector, and having had to grind away at the work-ethic thing all May? You might enjoy Mars backwards through your self-expression sector throughout June; where you’re still raking over questions of Cancerian productivity, and having to patiently bang away at maximising your core talent for most efficient results-but at least this month it involves way more arty/creative/playful vibe, and is bound to be more fun if you keep your eye on the ball.

Helpfully, the New Moon of the 5th is in your soul sector; with a kind of shamanic tuning in to your spiritual muse; where you get to channel all kinds of inspired creative magic from the realms of higher-self/collective consciousness zeitgeist or whatever mysterious juju powers a sense of meaning in your life. How lovely!

And there’s also the powerful Jupiter/Destiny Point activating some genuinely genius mojo in your ideas and communication sector. Your mental process/attitude is unfolding in leaps and bounds right now; where your capacity to think outside the square, and explore and action certain new beliefs about who you are, and how to express that in the world is so ridiculously liberating! It kind of feels like a lighter, easier way of living, because you’ve totally moved beyond any limiting old paradigms and you’re loving the freedom of that. Well done you.

Ok and Pluto says there’s also a brooding love energy arising, to the extent that bravely tuning into your own soul path maximises your karmic chance of meeting some hot new soul mate, or more deeply connect with a soul-mate type person already in your life. Don’t hold back on communing deeply, truly, authentically with anyone super-important in your realm right now-romantically or otherwise. You’re in it cos you mean it, or not. Be brave about those kind of relational decisions, yes?

And then the month ends with a rare, Blue Moon/Full Moon in your work sector on the 29th. So again, where the daily slog may have been slightly onerous by the Full Moon of late May, this time around the work thing feels more promising, worthwhile and energising –excellent.

Image:via deviantart

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