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The good news is that Mars, your sexy ruling planet, is back in your actual sex (and shared $) sector, and what’s not to love about that? Your appetites are up, your senses are tingling, your libido is firing and you’re hungry like the wolf to get your fangs into the month and have a good time with it –you love this!

Great, but the thing is that Mars is actually retrograde (irritatingly backwards) ALL June, where it’s more about you lurking in the undergrowth, so to speak, sussing out your preferred romantic prey/next sexual conquest/biz strategy carefully for the moment. July is when you pounce forward in overt-action mode, so that’s something to look forward to for sure; but until then it’s about subtlety and patience (not exactly your usual core competencies, admittedly, lol-but it’s never too late to learn!).

And as all this continues to unfold over the next 9 months, Lilith in your sex sector as well gives you the gift of being willing and able to show up to any emotionally/sexually loaded encounters –or even tricky biz/cash negotiations-with an awesomely raw, authentic approach. You give it your best shot on your own terms, and anybody who really gets you on this level is definitely the right kind of connection to be pursuing and they’ll let you know it! And if they don’t, you can happily keep walking, baby…but again, you give this vibe well into July to play out…

So meanwhile you have the spectacular Jupiter/Destiny Point action peaking in your work sector by June 20th-22nd. This has been building all year, so you have presumably been banging away determinedly for a while toward certain professional goals-and you’re wondering if it’s all worth it or what?? Yes, lucky Jupiter is egging you on to align your best work ethic toward whatever gig actually matters to you-because you have ridiculous levels of pure good fortune to get you there right now; and Pluto says there’s no time like now to brazenly transform your career strategy to make sure you’re most likely to end up where you really want to be, vocationally.

I mean you’re no good at dead-end jobs at the best of times -you don’t have the patience, frankly, so this aint new news. It’s just that June gives you the extra kick to get out of any comfort zone you may have been cruising in lately and pick up the pace-not so much to force any outcomes just yet; more to keep your professional intentions clear and steady for longer term success. Yes, stay sharp!

Image: Rebeca

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