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Jupiter direct in your love sector from the 9th marks a subtle, but important shift forward in your most important relationships.

The New Moon of the 7th is a good time to re-think your communication style, and specifically how you’re going to deal with any particular, currently relevant dialogues with certain people in your life.

Love wise, Venus on board says you’re spectacularly charming and full of flirty genius. The Spanish slang term versa comes to mind. It’s the art of whispering sweet nothings and teasing out any romantic possibilities with delightful romantic nonsense; which may or may not go beyond playful repartee, but tends to be sexily thrilling nonetheless. Watch this, whether you’re the one on the prowl or some persuasive creature is coming at you- Mercury retrograde says it’s a pretty unpredictable version of verbal seduction you’re dealing with!

And if it’s about working through an Us chat with established loved one? Tread mindfully, look to connect with renewed romantic/emotional intent, yes, but also watch for any little bombs of weird misunderstanding etc which may need to be intelligently, patiently resolved in coming months.

The Jupiter/Destiny Point thing coming together by June brings much, currently ambiguous, love action into clarity; so give it time, huh?

So then there’s the Full Moon in your biz sector on the 22nd. This is where you really savvy any professional strategies. Yes, Mars says you are busting with spunky intent to get ahead and yes, you want to own this. But there’s also the fact of Mars retro until August, so you’re all about long term planning, quietly scheming and holding your best fire until the time is right to pounce upon some big vocational goal.

Again, August is it; and meanwhile you do the whole one step forward, one step back then two steps forward tango… it’s all coming together with time and you’re cultivating some brilliant self-control and professional discipline in the meantime, which is brilliant! Well done you.

Image: Patrick Veillet

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