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Ok so the retrograde action of Mars and your patron planet Saturn in your soul sector is a bit challenging. You know it’s time to pull back and spend some time doing the inner, spiritual/shamanic/personal growth/conquering old psychological demons work, yes? You can feel in your bones it’s appropriate to clean house and cultivate a better relationship with thyself; before you worry too much about the external stuff- but there’s always the anxiety of ‘missing out’ on worldly progress if you’re not constantly out and about hustling the next big thing?

It’s a tricky dilemma, but my advice is do surrender to the inner work a bit this month- it makes you a stronger, more self aware person and this will totally bear fruit with time.

Especially when Mars hits Capricorn/ Pluto moves direct in Cap/Saturn on board by late September- you’re going to be seriously on fire. You will be a raw, libidinous, personally accomplished, hot-blooded, force-of-nature success machine by then; and I know it seems a long way off (it’s not really); but you’ll be looking back and thinking ‘I’m so glad I did the hard yards and got my shizz together in May-it set me up for the thriving, wonderful time I’m having now’ for sure. So for now you calm down and prepare for better things ahead- they’re coming up for sure and you’ll have earned it! Well done.

Ok so meanwhile the New Moon of the 7th is a lovely diversion in your self-expression sector. It’s an opportunity for creative flow, where a core talent of yours presents itself and you’re beautifully confident about expressing it and a bit of easy, shameless self-promotion. And also a nice moment to relax and enjoy some easy, childlike playtime-give yourself a break and go do something fun and life affirming; it’s good for thy soul amidst all the hard work of May.

And also a great time to hit up whomever you’re keen on right now for a bit of lovely romantic action. If you want to get all flirty/ask someone out/make some quality time to re-connect with your man squeeze-early May is totally auspicious.

Because from the Full Moon of the 22nd onwards it’s all about working that charm and talent on the day job and hustle up a bit of professional appreciation.

Image: Alexander McQueen

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