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So Mars retrograde is kind of frustrating, huh? I mean fiery Mars is your patron planet, and where you get all that red-hot energy and lust for life of yours –so what to do when Mars is backtracking through your adventure sector for simply months on end? Shelve your mojo and go curl up in a ball somewhere until Mars gets back on track??

Not exactly. I mean it wouldn’t hurt to rest up a bit to the extent you’re a little more drained than usual right now, but it’s really more about regenerative activity that renews your life-force: hiking outdoors, communing with nature, yoga studies, burying yourself in an academic/writing bender with future potential, a nice little holiday to refresh thy soul, etc.

This builds up your strength for the more full throttle action of August onwards; where May 28th –August 3rd is you revisiting an old sex thing/deep emotional entanglement/coming to terms with your own desire nature and discovering a more primal, authentically fulfilling version of it, and then from early August a big push re travel/academic recognition/publishing opportunities etc. For now, prepare.

Meanwhile the New Moon of the 7th is totally brilliant. It’s in your cash sector, where you want to reboot the Aries income based on Venus reminding you to bring any native talent/charm/good looks to the fore re hustling better coin for what you do. And also featuring lucky Jupiter approaching a sexy hook-up with the Destiny Point in your work sector by June- so you can feel in your bones that a better gig, more aligned with your true path is coming your way if you just stay focused? Yes! And Pluto in your biz sector, where you’re ready to claim your turf professionally-including a healthfully empowered attitude to any power trips going on around you.

The key is that all this is happening in retrograde, ie slowly! Your progress this month is all about cultivating a new capacity for elegant restraint vs your native, bolshie impetuousness. Mars is already teaching you this! You get ahead by quietly scheming, pretending to be patient (lol) and knowing when to strategically hold your fire until it’s the right time to pounce…. getting this right is gold!

Love? Lilith out of your sex sector as Mars backs back into it around the full Moon of the 22nd says for fuqs sake don’t hold onto turgid old issues/resentments; instead work on being present for whatever is happening now. If it feels right, embrace it bravely and if not, move the fuq on asap and sans remorse. Tricky but simple-only your own gut instinct can guide you forward… listen to that.

Image: Edita Vilkeviciute by Camilla Akrans

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