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Image: Bob Dylan and Sara Lownds, 1975

So it's not really the easiest time for love lately; there's too much personal-growth tension in the air to really flow with romantic good times, for many of us...

There's Saturn square Neptune squashing delusions all over the place, and our most cherished illusions are so often the idealised, soul-matey romantic ones, yes? And Neptune loves a dreamy, completely unrealistic, complex soulmate scenario, but Saturn says na, nada, gone: only the most grounded, deeply authentic 'soul-connections' /love stories etc whatever are going to survive the profound reality check of 2016. But the ones that do survive, and thrive, will of course be rockingly rock solid by the end of the year. Crossroads. Eek, no wonder lovers are a tad on edge right now??

And then there's Mercury about to go retrograde, from April 29th-May 22nd, where if romantic negotiations can go pear-shaped, they most likely will; unless we are communicating particularly artfully and mindfully.

And then there's Mars about to go retrograde -April 17th-June 30th(!), where ardent romantic pursuit kind of gives way to broodingly making eyes across the room whilst we lurk around waiting for the right time to pounce kind of vibe. Not to to mention that Men, particularly, tend to go charging off and hiding in their man-caves, or wherever the fuq it is they hang out when they don't feel like 'dealing with it' during this transit.

So thank goodness for a bit of relief, with Venus and Mars forming a lovely trine this week. Exact 5.15am tomorrow, April 13th, but in play till the weekend; this is a nice chance to flow a bit more easily with our attractions, and gain a little traction with any liaisons going on.

If you want to throw a romantic gesture out there, make a suave pass at someone cute, easefully segue into The Conversation, plan a delightfully pleasurable date etc; the next few days, and certainly before April 17th, would be the time.

This is a fire trine, Venus in Aries and Mars in Sag; so the energy has a nice, hot-blooded, passionate tang to it. Let's allow ourselves a moment of emotionally free self-expression and sexy times; if that's what's going on for you, amongst all the serious self-reflection, yes?

Or if love aint your thing right now; you might find this week is helping to move your arty, creative flow along, or just generally upping the personal confidence. It's a good time to express thyself in whatever way rocks your boat x

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