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Venus rocks into Aries 2.50am tomorrow, AEST, so we wake up with a new found spring in our step, creative mojo and sassy personal confidence.

And she arrives just in time for a super-empowering, refreshing New Moon in Aries on April 7th; so the shift into the more vibrant, dynamic, confident energy of the Ram couldn’t be more decisive.

Our values are about to shift toward bolshie self-expression, no matter what; and a healthy willfulness about changing our lives on our own terms.

There’s a whole lot of astro energy suggesting that we bide our time, and hold back on major developments for a while –especially Mars, the boss of Aries, about to retreat into retrograde mode until July. But Venus into Aries is nothing if not willful; and now we have to balance any instinctive urges to force certain issues with passionate impatience… with that quiet voice suggesting we slow down, and vibe more strategic and measured for a little longer. The remainder of Venus in Aries (until May 1st) will be an interesting version of explosively authentic self-expression vs character building patience, which will be interesting…

Venus rules love, and in Aries we do it in full throttle, confident, romantic pursuit mode. No game playing shizz here. If you’re into someone, you say so. If you’re single and seeking -forget pining on the couch, you get out there and chase up some action. If you have any tension/change energy building up in an existing partnership, it’s out with it; the sooner to clear the air and move the hell forward, one way or the other.

Venus is about romantic values, and Aries values forthright communication, authentic passion and straightforward sexual pleasure. Which is great, but we also have Mars retro from mid April, where we would normally be in romantic retreat; avoiding the chase (and especially not overtly pursuing any tricky men in our lives!), so there is that little dilemma for the coming month...

It’s going to be about tuning into our most primal romantic instincts; only you-and your gut wisdom-will know when to go for it and when to hold back, the exquisite (and frustrating) tension between these two urges will define our emotional growth in April.

And Venus rules beauty and style. In Aries we do:

Red. If you can pull it off, this is the month to play with any colours in the crimson, ruby, scarlet, garnet, berry spectrum. The show stopping red dress, if you’re feeling uber confident. The classic red lip; either 80’s gloss or 90’s matte, perhaps? And redheads let their hair down and show off their fiery locks big time, this month.

Diamonds. Aries loves this ultimate gemstone, so if you have any diamond jewellery lying around might be time to work it, if you have any big dress-up gigs coming up?

Any kind of bold, individualistic, I Don’t Care What’s Trending I’m Doing My Own Thing style. It’s a great time for a bit of fearless self-expression and fashion forward risk taking, where we open our wardrobe and throw on whatever feels the hell right. How Fun!

And perfume? You can boldly choose your favorite scent and lay it on thick, if that’s your thing. But there’s also the raw, natural approach. Our best scent right now is the lustful pheromones that emanate when we are flirting/chasing someone hot? Or a post workout sweat, believe it or not, can be a powerful expression of one’s dynamic stamina. Or the clean, freshly scrubbed, post shower scent is always a big aphrodisiac when cuddling up with our special someone.

And Venus rules art. Why not take the initiative and be fearless, innovative and maybe a bit provocative in our work right now? Aries wants to be a creative pioneer, not so much a follower of cultural trends; so let’s take some risks in our arty self-expression right now?

This astro favors the brave, on all levels. So let’s be courageous about who we are, and keep it real this month?

Happy Venus in Aries x

Image: Edita Vilkeviciute by Camilla Akrans

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