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The best astro action going this month is a lucky, lucrative Pluto/Jupiter trine; and it’s favouring lovely you!

Jupiter and the Destiny Point in Virgo are awakening your best personal confidence; and a deep, gut sense of where you’re heading in life and how to get there on your own terms. And driven by mighty Pluto in your play/creative sector; where you get your most foxy, empowered self-expression on; embracing the joy of just being your true, natural self in the world unencumbered by anyone else’s expectations or the Virgo speciality of letting your own, inner critic loose to tear up your self-esteem from within. No no no, you are a force of nature right now and aint nothing can hold you back, so why not own it?

Then you have the New Moon in your intimacy/money sector, augmented by lovely Venus on the 7th. The love goddess is going to lend you extra romantic wiles to deal with whatever desire/love thing is beginning, or renewing itself in your life this month. You are so much more likely to nail some fresh seduction, or score a nicer, deeper connection with the main squeeze, which is bound to be completely, romantically ravishing; and vanquish any crap old love emo being dredged up by Chiron in your partnership sector. Out with dysfunctional old stories re the Virgo love life, and in with brilliant new possibilities, in other words. Go you!

And Venus is also upping your savvy negotiation skills, where any shared resources/ financial discussion is concerned. You are smart, persuasively charming and (at least pretending to be) flexible when it comes to talking nitty gritty money issues with whomever is potentially pulling your fiscal strings… this could end up being a genius new Virgo money paradigm?? Stay sharp.

If anything, April could be triggering your need to consolidate the home base effectively. Domestic/property/familial issues could be rising up way more challenging than usual; but you stay cool & pragmatic re this, for best results.

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