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So here’s the thing. Jupiter has your creative powers, innate talent and desire to express your own, unique brilliance and really shine in the world peaking right now. You want unfettered creative satisfaction and loads of attention for doing it pronto. Yes you can, actually, blissful personal confidence is your thing right now…

But Mars is also monopolising much of your energy by being stuck in some ongoing interpersonal drama or lesson that you just can’t seem to shake until you sort it out, which is apparently not so easy. This is most likely (a) some power trip with a so-called authority figure who thinks they know what’s best for you, but you’re like go fuq yourself, since when did anyone think they could control-freak a Bull, for fuq’s sake. Or (b) some super hot attraction/sexual entanglement that one or both of you is trying to fight/resist/emotionally block but the heat between you just won’t let up… so what to do??

I could say wait until August, when Mars gets moving and a more exciting, passionate momentum replaces this stalled energy. Which is true, but meanwhile there is also much to learn from whatever personal tensions/uncomfortable emotional dynamic is currently driving you bats. If a certain someone’s obstinacy is annoying you, could their behaviour be a teensy mirror of your own nature?? And could you guys be helping one another to greater self-awareness and, maybe, a deeper, more authentic connection as time goes on??

Hmmm, watch the Full Moon of the 22nd for some revealing clues re how to deepen your own capacity for mindful intimacy/handle power trips more effectively etc. And just maybe your lover/partner in crime shows up to share the emotional growth… it’s a wild ride, one way or the other, but so worth it.

Image: Deycke Heidorn

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