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There has never been a month more conducive to slowing down, harnessing your best, grown up discipline and creating lucrative opportunities in your life.

No, it may not be ‘fun’ in the usual Saggi sense of doing whatever the fuq you want and claiming immunity to the consequences of your actions; but your definition of fun is evolving fast toward a more accomplished sense of personal achievement and you best keep up!

Your patron planet, Jupiter, is itching to full steam ahead into realizing your most glorious, soul-path professional potential and realizing your ultimate, gorgeous domestic sanctuary (maybe even one where you shack up with the soul mate?) – thanks to Neptune and the Destiny Point getting you to dream big and make your perfect life happen already. Yes, it’s coming…

But Jupiter is also locked in an almighty battle with taskmaster Saturn in your sign right now, so there’s simply no getting around the hard work involved in realizing thy dreams. With Mars parked in your sign, and retrograde mid month, you may be feeling a creeping sense of frustration about going over and over the same battles/ challenges/dramas with little sense of tangible progress? WTF, will these lessons never end???

They end when you’ve conquered them, by finding an internal locus of power, patience and emotional courage amongst it all… and if you’re honest with yourself, you’ve already, successfully slayed a few poignant demons lately and more on track than you’re giving yourself credit for. So keep on trucking, persevere, rise to the occasion etc… it’s so worth it and besides, what else are you going to do; give up just when you’re on the cusp of success? I don’t think so!

Your big ally right now is Pluto in your income sector. You are looking at a new era of empowered professional/financial independence, and the ability to transform thy life that comes with that- you know it, and you’re already working toward it, yes? Don’t stop now!

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