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So as much as you might have to dial down your usual, exuberant self-expression in the world a tad this month, this in no way diminishes your own sense of personal power and potency. In other words; it may not be about you being the centre of attention in the usual sense every time you walk into the room; you’re more doing stealth self improvement when nobody’s looking, and quietly preparing to step out and dazzle everyone at later date.

Specifically, you are scheming a more savvy, confidently future oriented attitude to the Leo income. Yes, a way more abundant version of doing biz is calling your name; you want to transform the whole day-job paradigm, whatever it takes, until you feel genuinely, comfortably reimbursed for the work that you do. This may or not mean fixating on earning big coin/massive wealth outcomes-although that’s more plausible than usual right now, if it matters enough to you? It’s more about harnessing the talent/skills you’ve worked so hard to perfect all these years, and doing whatever you’re brilliant at with sufficient financial reward to keep on thriving and evolving professionally.

In other words, when you get paid properly to do your ‘soul work’, you get to keep doing what you love; and that is true financial/professional security, yes?

Meanwhile, love? You’re taking a break from complex romantic shizz. Anything too emotionally tricky is not exactly rocking your boat this month. You want to be romantically confident, expansive and positive right now. If it feels hopeful and life affirming, you’re there with bells on. If it’s messy or doing your head in– you pull your emotional energy back and focus on personal success instead. Pragmatic wisdom at it’s best… you’ve got it!

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