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The good news is that you have an admirer/lover/spouse/partner in crime featuring heavily in your astro for the next few months. If you’re already connected, the relationship is a big deal right now and if not; you might just be set to meet someone important/hook up! Ok, so that’s great but the problem is that your significant other may be vibing as an almighty control freak/obstinate pain in the ass/trying (unsuccessfully) to resist your lovely charms, or just get their own sweet way for the moment?

So love is happening, and actually quite promising (honest), but until August it could also feel like slow, steady progress; with plenty of opportunity to cultivate patience and mutual understanding/ reality check a challenging attraction more so than instant romantic gratification. It’s so worth it, long term, to address the emotional lessons now and reap the romantic rewards later…

Meanwhile, why not go enjoy the Gemini social life? Venus and the New Moon of the 7th is sparking up your social butterfly charms and a renewed connection with your tribe… some lovely occasion or hanging out with good friends could be a nice thing to do with your partner, just the distraction from some tricky love scenario, enjoy your single freedom to mingle or where you accidentally meet the next love interest? Out and about is a good look, either way.

But you also want to pay attention to any domestic decisions presenting themselves to you this month, especially if made with (potential) loved ones. Shacking up, considering some relocation/property decisions/new familial or housemate dynamics at home are all well aspected this month if you negotiate the process intelligently. As always, communication (your core competency) is key.

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