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Mars is tucked away in your soul sector for a while now; so it’s not exactly the season for direct, or aggressive action re getting what you want in the world. It’s more about retreat from the fray and a more private, patient, subtle attitude to things.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that you’re vibing in any way lame or lukewarm right now; it’s just that you are devoting all of your fierce energy to self-reflection, self-knowledge, self discipline and conquering your own, inner demons; the better to thrive on your own terms. Not so much giving a toss what anyone else thinks of your groove right now.

Loved ones love you, obviously, and haters not so much, but do you even care about other people’s opinion at this point? Not really, you’re too busy with your own, inner critic to bother with much else. And here’s the thing; don’t succumb to any destructive, self-defeating inner dialogue right now. No no no.

This is supposed to be when you embrace your best positive, can-do self-improvement regime… why waste time dwelling on your own perceived failings when you can harness your best, ambitious determination, work hard at it and thrive instead?

And romance? The New Moon of the 7th is where you get your sexy/intimacy thing on at home. Thrill your live in partner with some extra special attention/invite the lover over for a hot night in or, if single, schedule any new dates on home turf; where you show off your culinary skills, smooth tunes and perhaps get cosy? Or, if love aint your thing, you’re tucked up at home scheming your next, beautiful décor overhaul.

Image: Barbera Palvin for the Rosa Clara 2013 bridal collection

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