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The Aries New Moon of the 7th coincides with lovely Venus into your sign; so the second week of April is a lovely reset of Rammish personal confidence. A new look, new attitude, new self-assurance is on your side from the second week of April…

Meanwhile Mars, your patron planet is parked in your travel/expansion sector all month –but so is workaholic Saturn! So you are (a) busting with fierce wanderlust and ready to take off on the next big adventure but also (b) acutely aware of any very real obstacles slowing you down for the moment and any hard work you have to do in the meantime. Frustrating yes, but fret not, your time will come; specifically when Mars gets properly moving by August is when much of your perseverance will properly pay off.

Actually, April is quite amazing if you focus upon:

  1. Lucky Jupiter and the Destiny Point hitting on lucrative Pluto in your work/biz sectors. Any future oriented professional focus that you choose to cultivate this month has exceptional potential to manifest as big coin/hugely empowering and transformative career opportunities in the world. Do the work=reap the rewards, basically, an old formula but a goodie.

  2. The Full Moon of the 22nd is a hugely sexy opportunity to shake it up, throw caution to the wind and embrace a bigger passion in your love life. Vibe wild and enjoy!

Image: Zhang Jingna

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