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Coming at us 10.47 tonight AEDT, a Lunar Eclipse (aka hyperdrive Full Moon on crack) in Libra.

Libra Moons tend to pick up on whatever we are currently feeling around romance, relationships generally, beauty and art. Do we have it, are we good at it, do we have the balance right etc -and this one is no exception.

(ps, a bit of vanity never goes astray during a Libra Moon, and indeed may be an inevitable focus for a moment of looksist self-evaluation, but it's not exactly a sane time for some dramatic cosmetic or style overhaul. Plan the new look now, but shop/makeover later?)

So whilst we're all emo about our love status, creative satisfaction, personal gorgeousness confidence (or lack of); we also have Mercury on board, just for kicks, so we can obsess mentally over all this as well. Great.

I suppose the benefit here is that if we are spinning into emotional overwhelm, we pull back, chill out and score some intellectual detachment; the better to think things through clearly before we go launching any nutso 'what about my feelings, fuq you, I never loved you anyway,etc ' type communiques or launch our most wildly impractical artsy venture sans adequate preparation... But if, on the other hand, we're already thinking too much and spinning around in circles overanalysing some (currently) impossible scenario, we can quiet the monkey mind by tuning into our intuition, relax into our emotional body and just feel our way through, sans judgement or expectations.

Libra loves balance, and a balance between the head and heart is a good one to go for here...

This Moon is also Mars friendly; and Mars is both kicking up a storm in fiery Sag and about to wonk out retrograde -we want it all and we want it now but on the other hand not quite yet, thus is our dilemma. Again, balance; scheme and dream thy future freedom, but lay relatively low until the time is right to pounce on the next big thing. Lovely, elegant Libran composure is at our disposal, should we choose to use it.

Happy Eclipse x

Image: via kendallkstyleblogspot

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