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Love goddess Venus just into dreamy Pisces, which Venus totally adores; Venus is officially exalted in Pisces, where she gets to swan around and unleash her full, mystically feminine, born-of-a-conch-shell, mysteriously glamorous allure.

So after playing it a bit cool, and having to define our emo yearnings in more cerebral terms with Venus in Aquarius recently; we can now lush out and indulge our more dreamy/imaginative/poetic/romantically extravagant proclivities for a while... Venus is strong here, and why not give her free reign to inspire, delight, enchant and turn us on?

So Venus rules love, and in Pisces it's all about high romance! We want fated meetings on strange street corners, we want magical rendevouz with our lover in the moonlight, we want well-written love poetry deliverd by carrier-dove, we want Soul Mating, we want declarations of true love, we want to mean it and partners who mean it back; we want the 'bridge scene' (you know how every grand love story in the movies ends up with the lovebirds chasing each other and declaring undying love on some bridge...we want that!).

Ok, so there's also a more prosaic, and more important element here; this is an opportunity to share some deeper, more subtle and important feelings with our loved ones. We allow ourselves to be emotionally vulnerable again after cool-cat Aqua Venus; it might be time to open up and offer up some authentic emotional connection to whoever we care most about, with sensitivity and compassion; I mean how else do we expect them to offer us the same in return? Venus in Pisces (until April 6th) is going to be a lovely time to soften up, deal with any romantic complexities with a more unclusive, understanding approach and go a bit deeper and genuinely meaningful in our relationships (romantic and otherwise).

And Venus rules beauty and style. In Pisces we love dress-ups, whimsical self-expression, and also high-end, intoxicating glamour.

We're not really about utilitarian comfort here; we'd much rather inspire, enchant and bedazzle with our style, one way or the other. This can go all the way from boho lux glam to movie star polish glam to slinky seductress glam to louche, edgy, vamp glam to fuq it, I just threw this ripped op shop dress on, but I'm so damn cool & effortlessly grunge glam...etc.

Pisces also loves shimmer, slinky/satiny/soft fabrics, an 'ocean' palette of azure/aquamarine blue, silver sparkles and as many spectacular precious stones as we can afford. Or something kooky, alternative or evocatively vintage.

Pisces skincare tips involve the best marine botanicals you can get. And Venus in Pisces scent is preferably rich, luscious florals, or anyhting over the top hypnotic; we want to smell literally intoxicating, and our personal allure so heady as to transport whoever comes close to new realms of spellbound desire... so nothing too understated, lol.

And Venus rules art and creativity. Again, we want our work to be so powerfully moving and visionary as to transport the audience to new dimensions of inspired consciousness. We want to make people truly think, feel, re-awaken awe and wonder; or perhaps offer flight into an escapist story/fantasy universe.

Surrealism, magical realism, fantasy genre work are all well aspected wth Venus in Pisces.

And music and film, both beautifully Piscean mediums, with their capacity to lift the spirit and move us so deeply emotionally. So musicians/filmmakers fare well this month, and for the rest of us it's a great time to listen some truly beautiful music or watch some cinematic masterpiece for a bit of art therapy.

So let's lose ourselves and become inspired by exquisite art this month, and give our creativity as free a reign as possible.

Happy Venus in Pisces x


top: Dennis Ziliotto

middle: Sandro Botecelli The Birth of Venus

bottom: via

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