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So Mars in Scorpio has been driving your native, libidinous lust for life through the roof since January, You are sexy as fuq, hungry like the wolf, want to get ahead, get your kicks and eat the whole world up for breakfast. Grrrr. And yes Mars is back to stoke this fire from late May, but is meanwhile in your cash sector from March 6th and asking the question: how will you fund these relentless appetites of yours??

The next 2 ½ months are about the Scorpio income, and how much elbow grease will be required to get it up to scratch. I mean lets face it, Saturn has been a bit of a downer in terms of immediate financial gratification lately-and that’s still active for the next few years; Saturn is all about elegant frugality re the savings plan/debt obliteration, which is fab and all… But if you’re seeking a more dynamic, aggressive chance to rustle up some quick cash or install a more brazen financial plan, the next few months are going to turn you the hell on!

Confident self-promotion/pitching your talent/latest thing to the highest bidder? Fuq yes. Rash, irresponsible financial risk taking just for cheap thrills? Not so much, obviously; you love the power that fiscal freedom gives you, so going broke just aint your style.

And then we have lovely Venus into your romance sector from the 12th. You are suddenly all about playful flirtation, roses, gushy romantic gestures, openly passionate declarations etc. Which is a change from your usual seduction style of staring hypnotically from the corner until ‘they’ maybe notice, sending cryptic/anonymous love notes, keeping em guessing, mysterious erotica etc. Not that your usual moves don’t work –we all know you’re the hottest thing in town; it’s just that this month vibes a little more easy, demonstrative and emotionally free, and it’s nice!

And Venus is also brilliant for your creative self-expression this month. It’s time to come to terms with your innate talent, whatever that may be, and rock it more confidently in the world. Yes, if you’re an arty type Libran you are bound to thrive right now, but any skill, proficiency or expertise in your repertoire is about to be beautifully awakened! It’s kinda like the love thing; if you’ve got it, flaunt it, you’re bound to attract rapturous applause for whatever it is you do, and anyway fuq the haters- not that there’s many of them about this month, yay!

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