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Mars in your pleasure sector, from March 6th, is permission to indulge all of your favourite proclivities: Art. Glamour. Your own, high-end talent. Gushy romance. Being noticed at parties. All the fun stuff. From now till late May you are fanging about being an uber version of your best self –how fabulous!

And meanwhile the New Moon, Solar Eclipse of the 9th is in your sex and money sectors. So it’s 1. a great time to channel all that romance into whatever version of hot seduction rocks your boat, and current circumstances.

Cultivating a karmic, soul-mate connection with a special someone, by doing the emotional work of exploring the intimacy between you more honestly, courageously and deeply? God yes. But dragging some headfuq, deadbeat, never-gonna-happen old quasi-romance around whilst hoping against hope that it will suddenly spring to life against all available evidence that it just aint working? Not so much!

And 2. with the lucky Jupiter/Destiny Point action still rocking your cash sector, you get to grab any financial negotiations currently simmering in the background and turn promising opportunity into real, profitable reality.

Focusing upon a more positive, productive version of abundance consciousness; where you fiercely chase new coin by riding the momentum of your own, very savvy fiscal instincts and sheer, confidant bravado. Could work! But sleazing around with any dodgy/scammy financial interactions with shoddy boundaries, poorly defined negotiations or ‘the cheque is in the mail’ type agreements whilst crossing your fingers and trying to trust in universal providence will provide, even via the most flaky enterprise/reckless money risk taking? Again, no no no.

So stay gorgeous, lusciously creative and magical, for sure but also stay suave, pragmatic and clued in to what’s really going down around you. Keep it real!

Image: Veruschka

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