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A packed ideas sector means so much of the action this month hinges upon the state of mind you choose to cultivate right now. Including:

Neptune, gifting you with a glorious capacity for magical thinking, genuinely effective positive affirmations and sparklingly witty and inspired conversations with all manner of intellectual soul-mates that broadens your perspective on life. FYI though, slippery Neptune in your mind sector does not favour the use of any mind-altering drugs or excess boozing right now-just saying...

Chiron the healer with the South Node of old patterns. You are questioning, processing and transforming old beliefs so much more easily right now, so it aint time for lazy, complacent thinking; it’s all about conquering the old and in with new & improved, life affirming consciousness.

So if you believe you can, you’re right and if you believe you can’t –you guessed it, you’re also correct. This is an obvious cliché, but nevertheless so true for you this month. You go for healthy, refreshed new belief systems in which you thrive on your own terms, and fuq any tedious, limiting old attitudes -they’ve so had their day already.

Then there’s Venus into your ideas/comms sector form the 12th, which ups the ante of any creatively inspiration you are currently channelling- your verbal/expressive genius and gift of the gab is becoming SO genius! Capricorn writers, broadcasters, teachers, media types and professional communicators in particular are going to suavely charm the hell out of your audience in March; so go the gift of the gab, yes?

But how about your love life? It’s all about flirt, baby, flirt! Obviously, if you’re single and on the prowl right now you want to finesse your smooth, persuasive chat up lines. There’s quite an art to suavely insinuating a romantic angle into some convo where you think there’s an attraction, but you want to elegantly test the waters… they say that subtle, playful, stylish flirtation is a dying art in this age of tinder etc but you, my friend, are about to bring it back and well done you! I’m sure someone lovely will at the very least engage with some fun, sexy little repartee.

And you know what, even if you’re happily partnered there’s always room to spice things up. Make eyes with your lover over dinner/the dishes whatever, and say something cheeky to remind them they’re truly desired. They’ll love it.

Image: Corwin von Kuhwede

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