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Mars in your sex sector recently has been fun and all, but now it’s time to drag your brain out of your pants/lust mode for a while and focus on broader, more cerebral concerns…

Mars into your adventure sector from March 6th-late May is time to think about travel; and how an inspirational, mind-opening little trip could re-jig your mojo in the next few months? Or if you’re keen to hook into any kind of academia/educational/publishing project, or go off for a bit of a visionary/ solo questing time sans obsessing over romance shizz you can’t control? Now would be your chance.

Not that love and partnership isn’t a thing right now; because your closest relationships are most definitely being shaken up and, ultimately, revitalized at this point. If you have a lover you are either calling each other on your respective crap via non stop bickering, OR (preferable) you are adoring one another more than ever for who the two of you really are; in all your quirky, unique, uncompromising, fabulously imperfect glory.

Or if solo, you relish the freedom of that; and will only trade your autonomy for someone who properly appreciates your unique persona sans trying to change it… and they might just be coming soon?

So yes, bolshie Uranus and bitch Lilith are challenging your love mojo but you don’t buy into the drama of it – you thrive under pressure and emerge emotionally cleaner and leaner than ever. This is SO important, as you value freedom above all things for the next few months (Thank you Mars), so you do want a love life that aligns with this imperative, yes?

And the lucky Destiny Point/Jupiter action is still on in your work sector, and promising great things if you only remain focused on the big vocational priorities. Stay sharp.

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