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Full Moon in Virgo, exact 5.19 this morning, AEDT.

When the Moon is full in gracious, perfectionist Virgo we all want to get busy nailing the details, control freaking the fuq out of everything and acheiving superhuman feats of awesome productivity WHILST swanning about with an air of immaculately groomed unruffled composure like oh yes I did 1000 chores before breakfast, didn't break a sweat and also had time to get my nails done and effortlessly pull together this chic outfit you see before you and yah, just off to see my personal trainer now...

And yes, certainly it's a good time to get our kicks from aligning with a clean work ethic/completed to do list and falling in love with the fine details.

However, we also have mysterious Neptune looming large over this Full Moon and Neptune could care less about pragmatic shizz...Neptune wants magic, meaning, poetry, glamour, spiritual bliss and intoxication.

So let's forget about the intoxication -it does not befit us to ruin a perfectly good, clean living Virgo Moon with toxic shizz, so we stick with the high-end version preferably; yoga, meditation, exercise endorphins, green smoothies, detox, superfood voodoo, inspired creativity, art, emotional healing/growth work etc.

If we dont fill our lives with healthy, meaningful magical rituals we are so much more likely to slide into a whirlpool of delusional/inebriated emo this week... so let's rise above!

Happy Full Moon x


above: Early 1900s postcard by Reutlinger

below: Justin Ashton

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