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February scopes are up.

February is here, and promises to be more fun than whatever the fuq has been going down lately- I mean seriously, early Jan did get 2016 off to a rocky start, huh? I'm not sure if I can recall a single client from Jan who wasn't dealing with some treacherous break-up or headfuq hot/cold nutty 'lover'. And don't get me started on my own ridiculous techno/computer dramas, including TWO months of solid writing apparently down the drain...grrr.

But the fuqery of Mercury retrograde with a seething Pluto chaser is soon behind us, and we can get on with it already. Hallellujah.

And the thing is that all this electrical energy we've been dealing with is a necessary shake-up, to prepare us for the inevitable fact that 2016 is a massive, thrilling, scary, ready-or-not year of kick-ass change!

Good things are coming, For Sure; but mainly if we're prepared to strip off layers of old psychic crap (thank you Pluto), walk our talk fearlessly (thank you Lilith/Uranus), separate the illusions from reality (thank you Saturn/Neptune) and generally be seriously, nitty gritty brave about our desires and how to go forth and get them sans excuses or pussy-foot whingeing (thank you Mars in Scorpio).

So it's a big year, and only just beginning!

Meanwhile, February is going to ease us into our power to thrive, and help us get a better handle on what's to come...

And the fabulous Jupiter/Destiny Point action; where we see the journey ahead more clearly and everything around us conspires to direct us toward our True Soul Path has really kicked in by now. So we're all about pattern recognition, and really, truly getting how every little thing is a sign; trying to open some wonderful door toward a better future....

And it's worth noting that the chinese astro year of the Monkey kicks in on Feb 8th... which helps us to access a more playful, trickster, adaptable vibe in life.. and where we honour our family/extended tribe as much as possible?

Let's have some fun with February...


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