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Venus has a been getting her uninhibited wild on in Sagittarius recently (and thank fuq for that, as a release from all the other stressy astro going on), but that's about to change. The love goddess pulls herself together, polishes up her act and marches firmly into Capricorn from Jan 24th till mid Feb.

Our values now lean toward a tougher work ethic, embracing our most unapolagetically pragmatic, lucrative ambitions and a bit of sexy, fiercely dignified self-control in all things.

Success matters now, and yes that includes serious wealth creation, solid material outcomes and the status that comes with all that. But it's also about the satisfaction of setting some clean, high-end intentions for ourselves and then putting some good old fashioned hard work into it, overcoming obstacles with elegantly gritty determination and coming out the other end all shiny and accomplished -cos we've geninely earned it.

Yes, it's an excellent time to forego silly distractions and tap into something more... substantial.

Yes, so on that note Venus rules artsy endeavours, and in Capricorn we tap into the elbow grease aspect of the creative process, Put in the hours and reap the rewards, basically.

And yes, we could also be that much more savvy about our networking skills/calling upon well-connected colleagues/friends/lovers whatever for efficient leverage when it comes to good old shameless self promotion. And why not; if our product/talent is good enough (and it better be!), we're going to get it out there one way or the other, huh?

And Venus also rules beauty and style, which pretty much boils down to one thing here; we dress for success!

Our fashion choices are:

1. We hone in on the best version of who we want to be in the world, and dress like that NOW. Fake it till you make it attire is a good one here. Or simply be ready to walk into whatever scenario you most aspire to-professionally/socially whatever- at any given time this month. I mean Jupiter/the Destiny Point are opening our most coveted doors for us with spookily unexpected synchronity right now; so be ready to look the part and walk right in, huh?

2. Quality. Capricorn loves labels and status type gear, let's face it; so if you're shopping this month its better to go for one exquisite, timeless piece than tons of disposable crap.

3. Functionality. Dress pragmatically, whatever outfit is going to get you through the day with maximum, streamlined efficiency, and achieve the job at hand sans fussy fashion distraction? Wear that.

4. Metallic. Capricorn loves a monochrome palette

and simple, good quality silver/gold/platinum

jewellery or none at all. Jangles/beads/layers of

hippy shizz, not so much.

5. Hair? Sleek, shiny, or pulled back out of the way.

And of course Venus rules love and romance. In Capricorn we are actually quite horny and focused upon earthy physical satisfaction, but we'll never admit it, lol; or not in any way that could be construed as common or sleazy.

If single and on the prowl, we become supernaturally efficient at enlisting a lover with whom we can share a high-quality, hot-yet-emotionally manageable passion. We want to do romance with someone who turns us on and we properly respect, admire, are proud to be seen with and can potentially see a functional, respectable, worthwhile connection with. Yep, the bar is high, but why bother with anything less?? Frankly, we just don't have the time right now.

If partnered/negotiating some unfolding love? The onus is very much on emotional gravitas, loyalty, integrity and long term, sustainable commitment.

Yes, you have to put the work in to make your partner feel solidly adored, validated and safely enfolded in your ongoing affections (and vice-versa, none of us are settling for anything less than RESPECT- including you!), but it's so worth it! Many a connection will find a new level of unambiguous devotion this month, which is nice.

And the hottest date/mate night coming up is Feb 6th, where Venus meets deeply, madly passionate Pluto. Schedule any meaningful intimate encounters as close to this as possible, for maximum results...

Happy Venus in Capricorn x


top, Daniela Pestova for Elle Italia, November 1992

middle, Barbera Palvin for the Rosa Clara 2013 bridal collection

bottom,Cosimo Buccoliero

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