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LEO FULL MOON ...are we gonna WALK our TALK or WHAT?

Leo is all about living our passions boldly, from the heart, no matter what. So the rising tides of the Full Moon in Leo -exact 12.45pm, Jan 24th- make courageous, authentic living pretty much an emotional necessity at this point.

We may have noticed that any areas of life where we have been operating inauthentically, or chicken-shit less-than-real have cut us down big time recently, yes? Ok so time to pick ourseves up, dust ourselves off and get with the programme of our path/true calling/personal spunk/whatever.

We have Saturn square Neptune saying might as well put some elbow grease into your dearest dreams OR admit you can't be bothered and forget about it. Or, put another way, magic up any dreary, rote routines in your life and ensure they're really meaningful, lest you shrivel up with apathetic, spiritual boredom at some point.

Then we have Uranus opposite Lilith; a doozy for shaking up relationships on every level; our lovers/partners/friends/family whatever connections are either searingly real, and beautifully genuine or they're blowing up in our faces, basically.

But the good news is that the Jupiter/Destiny Point conjunction means that where we do make the effort to tap into our best big-hearted, positive, confident intentions to live with our best warm, loving attitide toward ourselves and others, in true Leo style; we're just bound to thrive!

So wherever you're telling yourself you want to step up, live larger and enjoy more passionate personal relations... dont' wait around for it... BE the change you want to see in your life, huh?

Happy Full Moon x


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