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So Venus just can't wait to bust a move in freewheeling Sagittarius- from 5.16pm Dec 30th AEDT- Jan 25th.

The feminine principle of Venus really claims her wild, Artemesian, wilderness, untamed I am woman hear me roar aspect in Sag.

Venus is about values, and the primary value of Sag is to be Free. And not just a little bit loose within the confines of a broader, opressive regime but actually, no-compromise, captain of her own destiny, riding into the sunset, unbridled wild-animal Freedom. And for Venus this means taking no shizz from any lingering partriarchal crap that seeks to dominate her wildling female spirit.

(I think that every Sag secretly wishes they were one of those outlaws (or Sioux warriors) in the wild west who roamed freely through the countryside before the sheriff caught up with them -and that includes the wimmin!).

So we are coming into a more bolshie, free-spirited, exuberant time now - which is totally fitting with rebellious Uranus newly direct -we are all liberated freedom fighters now... And given the Sag affinity with animals and the unspoilt wilderness, this is also going to turn on the eco-warriors and animal-rightsists amongst us. Excellent.

Venus rules romantic love, of course, and in Sag we love (you guessed it) freely. We give our lovers the honour of respecting their personal space and emotional liberty and we respectfully expect the same in return. And no I'm not talking about polyamory or actual open relationships -although those of us into that are about to have a real good time, and more comfortable in our connections, it must be said. But what I really mean is focusing on the uncondional aspect of how much we really, truly trust one another to gallop around freely, following our own bliss, whilst still remaining true to the integrity of whatever romantic connection we've got going on -no matter how serious or deeply committed.

I mean we've just had Venus in brooding, emotionally intense Scorpio so we have presumably nutted out the deeper/trickier dynamics re emotional intimacy within our key relationship(s) recently; and now we know where we stand - at least enough to go forth and enjoy one another more easefully? Those of us happily in love should be getting our lovely, authentic, drama-free groove on with one another this month.

We also schedule our dates/romantic encounters in the great outdoors, if we can. It's a great time to take of on a road trip, or fly off on an exotic adventure together, or even pore over travel brochures planning the next romantic getaway. Or even going bushwalking/camping/horseriding/a day swiming in the ocean with our lover is a fabulous way to refresh our connection and re-kindle the flame.

And those of us doing the solo thing will love Venus in Sag, because we adore the freedom of movement/answerable to no-one emotionally autonomy of Sag... relax and enjoy the open-ended possibilites, yes?

Image: Robyn Davidson

And Venus rules beauty. Th

is is a great time to do the boho/ethnic/gypsy look -the kind of thing we could just as easily waft around in at a pagan festival, frolicking beachside, doing rock n roll wild child... any aspect of the freewheeling sag lifestyle.

And some kind of jangly jewellery, beads or magical talismans; especially if it has shamanic significance, or something we picked up somewhere exotic and reminds us of a fab adventure.

A nice tan, wild hair and simple, unfussy clothes that don't restrict our freedom of movement is good.

Or workout gear! Many a Sag spends most of their time charging about in sweaty leggings and a singlet from this morning's yoga class or whatever, cos that's what's important for the athletic/active Sag ethos.

Or some kind of body-con, innocently(?) revealing thing that shows off the results of all the working out we've being doing recently is also very Sag...

And Venus rules art and creativity. I tend to think of this as Ernest Hemingway gallavanting about, writing his best work whilst skulling tequila and holding court in some bar type creative expression. Or Vali Myers holed up in her Italian mountain retreat making crazy paintings with only a pet fox for company, and then jetting off to sell her work at the Chelsea Hotel; as if she gives a fuq what anyone thinks...

In any case travel, interest in global/foreign cultures, a genine desire to change the political landscape for the better via our work, enjoying the process and a healthy disdain for the dominant cultural paradigm are all fab markers for our creative output this month.

Happy Venus in Sag.

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