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Full Moon in Cancer coming up, and as you've no doubt already gathered it's exact at 10.11pm on Christmas Day AEDT.

That would be coming up to peak Cancerian familial, comfort eating, communing-with-thy-tribe emo love fest OR discord just as we're all digesting the day's banquet, pouring yet another champers and trying to bite our tongue re some tedious family dynamic crap OR blissfully bonding, in the loving bosom of our family/favorite loved ones gathered together OR scrambling around trying to keep everyone fed and not fuq up the sauce for christmas pudding whilst keeping the kids entertained and topping up the in-law's sherry OR poignantly aware of any lack-of tribe this year OR grinching it out & trying valiantly to ignore the seasonal hysteria going on around us... what could possibly go wrong, lol?

We need to stay congruent with whatever true feelings are being triggered by the season this year, especially around the light this shines on our various personal relationships... no need to react, or act out; just be mindful of the emotions coming up and stay loving and geniunely nurturing about it with ourselves and each other, in true Cancerian style.

And of course this is really beautiful astro for the big, OTT clan-gathering celebrations, for those of us who are doing that this year.

And if we're doing it alone/low key or just navigating tricky interpersonal shizz through this.. again, stay gentle and emotionally nourished in whatever way is available to you...

Neptune is on board here, which is lovely for the forgiveness/come together and love each other no matter what/peace on earth quality which is the best aspect of the Christmas spirit. Although Neptune does also like to hit the turps/over-indulgence a bit hard so let's watch that aspect of the festivities, yes? Or just fuq it and deal with the hangover later, lol (but it might be a biggie!).

AND Uranus is direct on boxing day. Rebellion against the status quo is in the air; so we're kind of tetchy and already projecting our thoughts forward, and thinking about our New Year's resolutions to break free and have a more liberated, free-spirited, non-confirmist 2016 even whilst doing the dishes after christmas lunch. Its OK to be restless, right now, even if we don't know exactly why....

It also allows us a freer, less obligatory, more unconventional, spontaneous and way more fun version of celebrating this year. Let's forget expectations and just enjoy a chance to relax and enjoy the festival however it unfolds...

Happy Yule/Christmas/Solstice/Hannukah/Krampus/Festivus, everyone xxx

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