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Ok so we need to talk about the Sagittarian career.

The thing is that Saturn in your sign is fully in play right now, and as you’ve probably already figured out this is not swanning about being your normal boho, devil-may-care, wild-child astro. Nuh-uh.

No doubt you have already had some authority figure, or scenario in your life lecturing you to grow the fuq up in recent times, and you’ve already done the whole foot stamping I don’t wanna grow up thing in response, lol. Did this work? No, because there is something deep in your soul that is so ready to step up and take your integral, respected, accomplished, success-mongering place in the world as part of a necessary stage in your own, karmic personal development.

You rail against the boring discipline involved, but you love the true grit, and deeper levels of personal determination to thrive, no matter what, that you are discovering within yourself along the way. Gold.

So now you have your lucky patron planet, Jupiter, hooking up with the magical Destiny Point in your biz sector, and how’s this - it’s exact on the New Moon in your income sector on Jan 10th, and then pretty much active until June! And with Venus amping your creative brilliance/dressed to kill professional desirability way the hell up in Jan.

So any big Sag vocational instincts/opportunities (and they are big) this month are directly linked to seriously lucrative future possibilities. You may or may not get this yet; but this could well be the year that you really make your fortune, or at the very least seed the ideas that could finance the next stage of your life, and some of the key developments re this are happening now!

Are you feeling better about all the hard-yakka challenges of January yet?

Ok, so what about your personal life? Venus on board says you’re looking good, so you’re hot property and no problem raking in the interest right now –what you going to do about that?

Mars in your soul sector says you are turned on a lover who is (a) an actual soul mate- nothing less will do! And (b) someone who respects your need to periodically retreat into solo, hermit mode-and if you do have such a person around, you make sure the time you do spend together is of quality intimacy, yes? And (c) someone who actually challenges you to step outside your romantic comfort zone. Your best love could be a crazy, unpredictable, wild emotional trip. Be brave, it’s worth it!

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