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The Capricorn New Moon of the 10th sets up many of the themes for the rest of January, and indeed the rest of 2016:

  1. This Moon is on Pluto, so it’s awakening a primal kind of lust for life in you; you intend to thrive, and you’re fine if that means transforming any grotty/limiting habits and obsessions from last year into more productive psychic material. To the extent that you’re tapping into a fierce drive within yourself, early month, but can’t quite articulate to yourself what you want to do with it -what with Mercury retrograde in your sign? When Mercury turns direct on Pluto from the 25th you suddenly, instinctively, come up with a coherent plan for the rest of the year. Hallelujah.

  2. And this new clarity coincides with a Full Moon in your personal transformation/libido sector, so again you’re not scared to dig deep and find your true passions, and then boldly follow them; no matter how courageous you have to be about walking your talk with gritty determination. And yes, this also applies to the Cap love life –it’s about radical vulnerability. You’re like I am what I am-come love for my true self, if you dare! Nice.

  3. The Jupiter/Destiny Point is calling you to new pastures –and this could be geographically literal. If you feel an adventurous travel bug, or nomadic vibe awakening here, it’s only going to get stronger in the first half of 2016. Either that or it’s about time to hit that study/academia/getting your work published plan you’ve been thinking about?

  4. It might feel like Uranus shaking up your home base (see above) is jeopardising your capacity to focus on career? Well possibly, but really its going to kick you into a fearless overhaul of the whole work/life paradigm. You want a totally you gig, which allows the authenticity/freedom to evolve on your own terms- Lilith in your biz sector says yes you can!

  5. Mars in your social sector from the 4th says that from now till August; hanging out with the right, positive-minded peeps is a huge energy source for you. Time to get in touch with your true tribe?

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