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Well friendships are a bit weird right now, but ultimately it’s not so much about specific buddies being problematic, as your broader concept of ‘fitting in’ with your tribe changing. Perhaps you want to evolve in a new personal direction, and your current crew aren’t quite where that new path is at? Or you take time out from the social fray to do your own thing, and some friendships re-kindle and thrive as you hit your new, personal stride more than others? Or you find some new spiritual/platonic soul mates to boost your inspiration and value-add to the current scene?

Any case the important thing is that you are embracing a spectacular, juicy new phase of your own creativity; and to the extent that you don’t give a fuq what anyone else thinks about that you are free to get on with making some fabulous art/premiering a cool new ‘look’ and dancing like nobody’s watching at the next party/staying up all night being productive on a some personal project because you didn’t waste time attending some obligatory, non-you soiree.

It’s wonderful being so free, and comfortable in your own skin, yes, and it’s exactly this groove that keeps you thriving through the first half of 2016.

Ok and then there’s randy Mars energising your love life, also for the whole first half of the year! You are attracting a whole new level of enthusiasm/firepower/sex magic from any lovers/would be lovers on your radar…

  1. If already partnered, the physical passion between you is about to be properly, kinaesthetically re-ignited. You’re meant-to-be in love and it shows, where satisfying bedwork is concerned! Or your partner is vibing quite aggro, actually, and you’re fighting like cat and dog but it’s weirdly sexy? Nothing quite like make-up sex??

  2. If single, I predict a new queue of potentials beating down the door, for your delectable consideration. Or perhaps it’s just one, ardent new admirer who will have your sexual/romantic antennae bristling with potential excitement? Either way, the calibre of (would be) lovers in your life aint scared of giving chase and you aint scared of being pursued! If this sounds like something you’re interested in, I suggest you get that famous charm of yours on, huh?

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