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In case you’re wondering about that limbic, restless, primal, exhilarating surge of energy suddenly bursting forth from your very core? That’s Mars, your ancient patron planet, rocking your sign from Jan 4th until August!

Mars is a primeval life force that drives us forward to grab life by the throat, embrace every experience fully/ fuq passionately/fight for our rights/conquer/achieve/better ourselves at every opportunity, and generally have a good time being alive. You love this! And in return Mars loves you right back…

So the first half of 2016 is basically fabulous, unstoppable, life-affirming Scorpio season –believe me, you’re about to have some fun! (finally, I hear you say)

But what are you going to do with all that mojo, because this astro has a tangible, kinaesthetic physicality about it, and it’s an energy that needs an outlet…

This aint the time to be lazing around sipping cocktails/procrastinating etc. You need a plan, a brazen ambition to chase, a hard-core workout regime to sweat out, an intoxicating would-be lover to pursue, an impossible mission to turn you on, etc -you get the picture:

  1. It could be Venus turning tight-ass Saturn in your cash sector into a more profitable vibe, mid month? You suddenly shift from the frugal, counting your pennies mentality of recent times to getting back out there, earning some decent coin again and topping up the savings account, rather than just angstily hoarding what you already have?

  2. It could be Uranus daring you to fearlessly overhaul your work sector; a whole new gig/biz plan/self-employment thing/random, unexpected opportunity could be calling your name, but are you brave enough to give it a go? Lilith in your soul sector says yes, of course! This could be the year to trust your instincts and score a new kind of professional autonomy.

  3. Neptune in your romance sector has you fully idealistic about magical true love; but are you brave enough to put yourself on the emotional line for someone special, should they turn up? Hell yeah!!!

It’s good to be alive, so why not chase your passions fearlessly, in 2016? Yes.

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