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The Leo Force Awakens! The new Moon of the 10th is a lovely blank new slate, upon which to write a new chapter of physical vitality, life-affirming, healthful daily habits and a productively efficient work ethic. You are reborn as an even better version of lovely you; and yes, you must bring a deliberately positive intention to this personal transformation. Brilliant.

Also, lucky Jupiter is firing up the Destiny Point in your income/self-esteem sector; exact mid-late Jan but basically active till June! This is all about you:

  1. Addressing and vanquishing any tedious old karma around wounded intimacy/family relations. And allowing yourself to embrace beautiful vulnerability again; so what if you’ve been hurt by emotional entanglement/ botched shared resources before… it’s never too late to try again and get it right, yes? Yes??

  2. Tapping into the powerhouse that is your own sense of personal destiny. You are beginning to really believe in the integrity of your own innate skills and talents/enduring hopes and dreams again; and willing to take responsibility for chasing up the right kind of meaningful future for thyself. Could be a more independent income, unencumbered by the tedium of ‘working for the man’, or an income that allows a more nomadic, travel-based lifestyle. Or just more cash generally, which always makes you feel a bit freer in your personal choices. Or could just be reclaiming a basic, healthy sense of self esteem which is based on radical, courageous self-acceptance; and not hinged so much on anybody else’s approval/acceptance/applause? Good.

Bitch goddess Lilith and bolshie Uranus say follow your own groove, by being an autonomous, free thinking rebel (when necessary) and walking your talk in the world sans skanky compromise. Yes.

The Leo Full Moon of the 24th is a nice opportunity to relax into an easy, luscious comfortability in your own skin; and that's the best way to ease into 2016, yes?

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