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So Venus is trine Neptune this week, exact today. This sort of thing is often associated with divine, kismet-kissed true romance, I mean Venus rules love and Neptune is all magical and soul-matey, so what could possibly go wrong?? Well what I've actually seen with my clients etc is a lot of shizz hitting the fan, and soul-mate type connections flailing about all over the place. I suppose Neptune/Venus evokes such idealised, rarified expectations of what true love should look like, so then we look at our real life relationships, with all their perfectly natural flaws and misunderstandings (Neptune is BIG on wtf style mixed messages and delusional attempts at 'communication'); and when they don't match up to The Romantic Dream we crack it, and bad! No-one likes to have their fairy-tale romance/hopes & dreams punctured by dreary reality, and our human nature is so often to flounce around in tantrum mode until we (apparently) get what we want. No such luck here, as Saturn, the ultimate realist, is also on board. Saturn says do the hard, real emotional work to take responsibility for your own needs and desires, communicate them effectively to your partner/would-be lover etc; and see if you can cultivate something realistic, honest, sane and sustainable between you. This is not building relationships on the sand of capricious romantic illusions astro, though it might feel like that's exactly what we're hoping against hope we can pull off. This is building real connections on the solid rock of mutual understanding, real compassion and actually being on the same page as one another re long term plans, commitment etc. Doesn't sound as exciting, I know, but it's upon this work that healthy partnerships tend to be formed, huh? So yes, magical romance is in the air this week. Soul-mates are finding one another/realising that they do mean enough to one another, after all, to deal with the tough stuff and make it work anyway; because as we all know, love is worth it. But it's going to take genuine emotional maturity, patience and a willingness to forego the kinds of delusional, unrealistic demands we often pile upon our loved ones to 'make us' happy. Let's give each other a little leeway, and cultivate healthy relationships based on mutual acceptance of the other's human flaws and tidal emotional drama; and a mutual desire to make it right. Some connections are dissolving right now, and some are about to thrive... but I wouldn't be jumping the gun to make a call on this just yet. Time (Saturn) will tell which lovers make it through this little bingle, and which are in for a serious reality check; slow down and see which way the wind blows, if you can.

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