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Image: Jocelon Janon

So love goddess Venus slithered into Scorpio today, 2.15pm December 5th, AED (Did anyone feel the temperature suddenly turn up a few notches this afternoon?)

I've said this before, but it's worth noting that Venus is said to be in her 'detriment' in Scorpio. Is this because Venus is meant to be the ultimate sweety-pie, people pleasing 'girly' feminine archetype, and Scorpio is pure, raw, fuq-you sexual voraciousness -and those two things are meant to be mutually exclusive?

Well, yes, apparently; but Venus is the Queen of Heaven and one of our most ancient, powerful figures of autonomous female potency. The love goddess LOVES being in Scorpio -it's her annual chance to get down and dirty and pursue her own pleasures on her own terms; and could care less if anyone else approves of her fierce sexuality, libidinous lust for life and controversially creative brillance, or not. She is hawt and literally doesnt care who knows it.

Don't get me wrong; I'm not suggesting that shaking yr booty/asserting one's desirability is the ultimate in feminist empowerment (especially not kardishian/cyrus style commodified 'raunch' attitude, neatly packaged for male/media consumption. please). Venus in Scorpio is just as likely to bitch it up/ go howl with the wolves in the wilderness/ do celibate, priestessy spiritual retreat/ maintain her personal mystery/tell you to fuq off as put her sexy thang out there.

But still, the feminine principle is highly sexualised/identifies deeply with her own desirability in Scorpio, and if she decides to express herself sexually or creatively (same thing, really), it's going to be on the kink/provocoteur/mysterious tease/smoking hot, dangerous charisma end of the scale. Venus in Scorpio is anything but vanilla, and is only really satisfied when she has dug a little deeper and got a visceral, horny, limbic reaction from her admirers. She'd rather scare the punters a little (and draw the brave ones in real close, ahem), than be bland or particularly likeable.

And when it comes to getting laid/ cultivating intimate connection/falling in love/deepening marital passion ? Ooh la la, Scorpio is where Venus hits her stride! In love and romance Scorpio swings anywhere between devotional monogamy (ok, with slightly psychotic jealous overtones lol), to mystical soulmating, to secretive rendevouz with someone inappropriate/anonymous sex (just for the thrill of it), to the taboo end of the erotica spectrum to the lifelong love affair with the one and only one. We're coming to terms with the more intense/vulnerable/authentic aspects of our love-lives this month.

And if not- we're busy moving our creative groove forward, and don't look back to could've/should've/would've wussy romantic ambivilence.

Venus rules art, and in Scorpio we want to make work that intoxicates the senses and challenges the viewer/reader to think a little more deeply about things. And challenge our own creative process a little -time to take some risks in that dept? Also, Scorpio doesn't mind a bit of coin; so we're kind of incorporating a commercially viable sensibility into what we do -we're not selling out; but if we can maintain our credibility and make some money form our work, we're not scared to go there!

And Venus rules beauty. The Scorpio look is typically dark and brooding, but we like to keep our

mystery so not too obvious. Dramatic, but not flashy; perhaps one amazing, vintage piece that harks back to a more flamboyant era, or a bit gothy but styled down, with minimal accessories. Seductive, but not trashy; perhaps a hint of flesh or an outfit that covers us up but just body-con, figure hugging enough to make it interesting. clothes that make us wriggle when we walk but keeps em guessing as to what lies beneath the outfit. And what does lie beneath is of course really good quality, well designed lingerie. Or nothing?

And a smouldering, smoky eye is always a Scorpy winner, or perhaps a darker, more dramatic lip colour. Or some uniquely beautiful, talismanic jewellery, with which you energetically resonate and which makes you feel magically empowered.

And a pheremone enhancing, hypnotically rich scent which wafts behind you as you move, and leaves people looking around in a perplexed, intrigued state of semi-arousal...

Happy Venus in Scorpio.

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