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So Warrior god Mars is right now exactly conjunct Bitch goddess Lilith. The raw masculine power of Mars is already having to polish up is act, stay classy and you know, control his more primal urges in luvvy Libra. And now he meets the original woman-on-top, queen Lilith herself. Lilith don't take no crap from so called male dominance. I mean we can see patriarchal notions of gender identity falling apart round our ears right now, obviously (I'm still trying to work out what the fuq cis actually means); so it's certainly not the season for playing 'nice', submissive female roles vs big strong bullyboy masculinity, or even more subtle, culturally sophisticated versions thereof. It's not even just about the 'strong' spunky chick who breaks convention by standing up to The Man and holding her own in the 'fight' scenes. We are all embodying the Powerful Feminine: the capacity to handle uncompromising emotional authenticity no matter what we are feeling, even on the more primal end of the emo spectrum. and wild, wilderness, howling at the Moon type mystical communion with nature and our own physicality. And Mars energises and amps the fuq-you-bitch get-outta-my-way aspect of this. And we are all on the Peaceful Warrior path, in that Mars is more diplomatic, mindful and 'us' oriented in Libra; so we are hopefully transcending some of the more aggro shite being played out on the world stage recently. But Mars is still our will-to-strive & thrive & assert our selves dammit. And this is being energised by Lilith's brazen spirit. Not to mention Pluto (let's get primal) and Uranus (let's trash the dominant paradigm) on board. We're edgy! This is flashpoint astrology, especially relationship wise. It's a powerful week to shake out our romantic assumptions, and see what's going on down there in our bag of tricks. Are your recent love strategies aligned with your real desires?? And time to shake up any love-affairs we've been cruising along in auto-pilot/denial/smile & fake it mode; the moment has come to get way more real with one another, if you can hack the intensity/conflagrations/scary hot passion/certain home truths coming home to roost vibe?? Let's be brave!

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