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Have you been wondering lately how to score a better work scenario, stand up to some nasty fuqer on the day job, or hold your own amongst the competitive cut-and-thrust of your chosen industry?

It’s fairly obvious to point out that all you need is healthy assertiveness, uncompromising professional confidence and excellent boundaries re taking no crap from whoever might be trying to mess with your mojo.

And more importantly, identifying any key alliances in your professional realm; people who want to challenge you to step up, do better and remind you to that it’s time to vocationally thrive. These people are gold; because they awaken the part of you that is fiercely ambitious right now, and determined to never, ever give up on your lust for success!

Early December reveals massive potential re this; so time to pay attention to every single opportunity on your radar –one of them just might be pay dirt! And also preparing you for the explosion of creative energy coming at you by mid-Jan. You are about to unleash your talent upon the world; it could be purely for pleasure, but then again it could ramp your vocational cache right up –get ready!

And then the New Moon of the 11th is your annual libido awakener. Not that Taurus needs any encouragement in that department (lets face it), but it must be said that your smooth moves and sexual generosity of spirit become even more delightful by mid month. However; Saturn is also lurking around; where you’re doing 100% adoring commitment or you’re playing it cool and all about firm emotional boundaries, you’re nothing if not definitive either way!

It’s social interactions where you cut loose; yes, Neptune gifts you sparkling social charisma, but also a temptation to party a little too hard? One ‘quiet drink’ after work can morph into 3am disco-dancing-madness/ lotus-eating-hash coma at warp speed if you’re not careful! Watch that, huh?

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