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SAGITTARIUS/SAGITTARIUS RISING December begins with a bit of a blow- out (or exciting new blow-in) re friendship or your broader social scene. You’re trying to quality control your tribe, and only want mates who get you, due to the being just as batshit intense about everything/on a transformational personal growth trip as seriously as you are right now. So you want to surround yourself with radically real conversations, and don’t have time for anyone less than authentic to be around. Fair enough, I can see where you’re coming from. But could that popping noise in the distance be the sound of certain people’s brains exploding as they try in vain to analyse why the fuq has Sag still not answered my calls??? (not that this is such a new thing, lol). At least this astro is fab for the Sag love life, to the extent that you chasing up only fiercely raw connection scores the kind of passionate frisson required for proper romantic action. And to this end, the Full Moon of the 25th brings up any hotly intimate possibilities in your life; so you might want to watch out for that sexy little opportunity for an unexpected hook-up/deepening your connection with the Sag soul mate. But decisions made in the heat of the moment could also ruffle your domestic stability in weird ways. You’re thinking about where you want to be/ the Sag home life on highly emo terms, with an emphasis on romantically shacking up (?) or an idealised version of the familial/housemate/exotic locale scenario. Yes you can, and it’s important to cultivate the perfect, loving sanctuary; but this requires a super pragmatic approach to your tangible real-estate/financial/personal relationship reality. Don’t dodge the details. Meanwhile, you can feel in your bones that something Officially Big is imminent, career wise. Yes, that would be a stupendous Jupiter/Destiny Point opportunity in your biz sector. It’s exact mid-Jan but brewing now… could this be why you’re retreating from the social fray, the better to get some work done already? Yes! Thorough professional preparation is your new mantra.

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