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​Ok, so here’s the deal. You are a magical creature driven by pure, raw inspiration, creative mojo and tidal emotional instincts that come and go with the unpredictable power of the cosmos. Yep, you’re a bone fide boho, visionary, otherworldly, free spirit type who won’t be contained by conventional work-practice or bourgeois expectations.But Saturn in your biz sector is like, here are the rules for a successful career; they involve a hard-core work ethic, towing the societal line (to some extent), doing the paperwork/turning up on time, and firm professional boundaries about how you conduct thyself. Aargh, but you hate rules, regulations and boundaries right? Especially with mystical Neptune so strong in your sign right now!The answer is obvious, of course. Right now is when you really come to terms with grounding your beautiful vision into some kind of vocational reality with good old fashioned, pragmatic, ambitious hard-yakka. It feels good, to step into your full professional potential this month, and enjoy the public credibility you so richly deserve.And Uranus in your money sector is all about chasing up multiple-streams of income, and the tangential joy of an unpredictable, but potentially lucrative (if you get it right) cash flow.Meanwhile, love is all about sexy Mars meeting sexily self-empowered bitch goddess Lilith in your intimacy sector in early December. It’s a hot-blooded, libidinous thing. If you want someone you let them know with fierce vulnerability and fuq unnecessary mind games. (yes, this goes for someone new or Mr/Mrs Pisces). If they say no you move on quick sticks, but if they say yes…ooh la la the fireworks are incandescent!

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