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CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING Don’t be surprised if you begin December with a bang, in terms of claiming your professional turf and vibing even more staunchly uncompromising than usual in any biz dealings. Yours is a Mars sensitive sign, and when Mars meets the Destiny Point in your biz sector early month you smell a phenomenal vocational opportunity and waste no time in pouncing on it. So you have a specific goal, with awesome success potential in your sights. You’re gonna get ahead and you don’t care who knows it; or who you have to stand up to/cut the crap with to get there, for that matter. Healthy assertiveness and fierce self-belief/success consciousness is your natural superpower, and now is the time to work it. Meanwhile, your ruling planet trine visionary Neptune tunes you into a deeper, instinctive drive about what you really want out of life right now –what gives it meaning-and thus why you’re prepared to work so hard to get there (as above). Following your gut wisdom is a powerful thing right now, and your self-awareness is at peak, shamanic levels of awesome. You are your own spiritual guru. And you bring this sense of personal empowerment to the Full Moon of the 25th in your love sector. This is where you feel comfortable enough in your own skin to meet any partners/lovers/would-be-lovers in your life on equal terms and with full, passionate impact on one another. Big, breakthrough rocking romantic action, with fierce emotional integrity is coming your way by late month. Ready?

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