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Gemini Full Moon, exact 9.44am this morning, AEDT.

Now The Full Moon reveals how we're really feeling about things; and Gemini is usually a pretty flighty, scatty and emotionally elusive energy re this.Especially with Neptune in play; we're just as likely to suddenly go awol mid conversation, or go binge drink/watch GOT reruns whist texting sleazy crap to some semi-viable flirtation prospect as actually admit to an actual, normal human emotion about anything.

Of course, to be fair; Neptune also lends us a beautiful capacity for a beautiful meditation practice/working with our higher consciousness/magical manifestation/loving kindness etc; so we're nothing if not inspired and sensitively empathetic to one another right now -if we keep it high-end.

But, mainly, Saturn says focus! We've got Mars powering here so plenty of energy and drive to get on with it already; but without really grounding ourselves with a realistic plan and the mental/emotional discipline to see it through, it's all 'sound and fury, signifying nothing'.

We thrive right now with visionary pragmatism and good old fashioned hard work, not visionary delusional-reality-avoidance.

Communication of all kinds, especially romantic dialogue, is also actually insanely off the richter-scale effective here.You could resolve years of misunderstandings with just one moment of radical candour/vulnerability/re-framing the whole thing with a fresh, more functional attitude. Genius.

Or you could de-rail a perfectly good thing with just one passive-aggressive snark/infuriatingly cryptic txt wildly open to misinterpretation/or just trying to lie your way out of everything. Nuh uh.

Let's think before we speak, and keep it nice and clear...

Happy Full Moon x

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