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New Moon in Scorpio, 4.47am 12th Nov, AEDT.

The New Moon is a rush of beautiful, clean new energy and in Scorpio the energy is about raw, limbic potency, our powers of personal regeneration and our sexily authentic connections with one another. So we wake up tomorrow morning feeling freshly determined, full of libidinous vitality, hungry like the wolf and ready to Embrace The Day in all it's throbbing, transformative potential. Grrrr. This Moon is also highly Mercurial.We are seized with a sudden, loquacious desire to express ourselves. We want intense communication, and conversations that bring hitherto 'taboo' feelings and ideas into the light of day, in order to be properly thrashed out. But we kind of want to retain our aura of inpregnable mystery as well; which is tricky. So we drop tantalising little hints about our real intentions into the conversation whilst gazing enigmatically at a certain someone; hoping beyond hope that they pick up our cue, read our minds or something and open up a satisfyingly volatile, game-changing dialogue? Ok, could work. Or, here's an idea, maybe we just get it over with and come out and say what's on our mind already?? This Moon is also hooking into the Jupiter/Chiron opposition. So for a start Jupiter is a big blabbermouth, and perhaps helps with the whole frank emo chat thing, as above?

And also to the extent that Scorpio seeks deep emotional gravitas, Jupiter seeks spiritual meaning and Chiron seeks profoundly honest personal healing. This is a superb Moon for any therapeutic process, where we get our shizz together by being more honest about what our shizz actually is? The better to be gutsy enough to shake off the shackles of tired old conditioning, and rise up singing to a brand new day... Yes! Happy New Moon x

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