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Romance Time?

So love goddess Venus is right now exactly conjunct her lover, Mars, in practical, earthy Virgo and for all intents and purposes we are in the thick of most rare, brilliant and auspicious astro love action.

Yes, if you have a romantic scenario in your life, it's time to schedule some quality time for good loving, emotional bonding and sexy times together (yes. Virgo is, surprisingly, the kinkiest sign of all, they're just elegantly stealthy about it)... And if you're solo, don't be surprised who turns up when least's the season for destinal meetings, sudden communiques from Mr/Mrs 'maybe', hard-core/goal-oriented (if you know what I mean) flirtation. Etc. And of course if love aint your thing right now, you can still expect the power of connection, via better friendships/biz/family/all platonic relationships to spark up your week. Ok so love looks good. The Venus /Mars conjunction is in orb of the Destiny Point about to switch signs; so whatever developments are in play now are realistically likely to unfold in powerful, strange and long-term ways. We may not all be hooking up with a life-long partner this week, butsome of us are getting a jolly good clue about how such a thing is possible, how to make it happen and with whom(?!)...

And with Chiron exerting a gentle influence here; there is also an undertow of emotional healing going on. We are slightly more sensitive to our own wounding around love, our current entanglements or lack of, and the romantic expectations which may or may not have been met by now. Sometimes the inner work is just as important as scoring more attention from the lover (for example), let's honour our relationship with ourselves, and healthy emotional well-being too, yes? Meanwhile, we approach all things romantic with total class. Intelligent conversation, mutual respect, good manners, discretely Hot and skillful bedwork and a bit of self-contained, personal compusure are the new turn on. ​Happy mating season.

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