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TAURUS/TAURUS RISING There’s romance in the air, and you’re in the mood for laying it on thick… I mean the Taurus mating routine is gloriously unsubtle at the best of times. There will be sexy tunes, there will be a gourmet/aphrodisiac menu, there will be bearskin rugs, a reason to be tactile, easy charm and smooth moves. And with the big love action of early November in your actual play/romance sector, you’re all over it, baby. Fun times ahead, perhaps? Bearing in mind that Saturn is also now in your intimacy sector, so there’s more going on than meets the eye. You are beginning to understand the true gravitas of certain entanglements. It could be dawning on you that you are more seriously in love, or wanting to be, and thus more emotionally committed than you had realized with a certain someone? Could this be a beautiful thing? Or could you be feeling trapped, with an obligatory tie to some co-dependency you’d really rather ditch –but how to escape?? Or you’re happily solo, the better to indulge in a bit of harmless flirtation at whim, with zero requirement to do anything about it. Yay for breezy charm, but do watch out for accidentally bedazzling some unsuspecting admirer, huh? Luckily, you are expert at clear, comfortable romantic boundaries. And apart from all that, you have the Destiny Point marching into your arty, creativity sector. A new perspective on a core aptitude of yours could be coming, where you really get how to promote and share your unique talent in the world. Whether it’s for professional betterment, or a more fulfilling means of self-expression; it opens your eyes to your optimum life-path in profound and unexpected ways. Follow that bliss, for a good time… And then the Full Moon of the 26th is a revelation re the Taurus cash flow. Someone is bugging you to tow the line re some debt thing or obligatory financial entanglement. But you want the freedom to make money on your on terms (thank you, bitch goddess Lilith in your work sector). As usual, you don’t back down. It’s time to really follow your own groove, income wise –you have your best money mogul moxy going on and you just know you can pull off. Yes, you’re gonna do just fine!

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