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SAGITTARIUS/SAGITTARIUS RISING Early November is about the kind of love action that totally ties in with your broader life path. For example:

  1. You have a special someone who gets your life mission/vocational vision etc. They are a soul mate because they care about what matters to you and unconditionally support your embracing your full personal potential/success. They also harass, encourage and fire you up at every opportunity to challenge thyself to greater things, and this is hot! You hate being told what to do, but someone’s gotta do it; it may as well be someone who adores you and aint in it for the control over your precious freedom, but to share an excitingly challenging journey with you. Taskmaster Saturn is on your case anyway; so if your lover wants you to embrace your biggest, best potential they’re only reflecting the part of you that knows that already, as soul mates do.

  2. You are single, the better to focus all your energy on the incredibly promising, challenging, exciting vocational opportunities of November. Saturn offers you a powerful internalised work ethic and professional discipline, so aint nothing holding you back from making your mark on the world. You’re going hard at some important goals, ready to thrive and aligning yourself with your true calling on the way. And you know what happens when you get your groove on and plug into your ‘soul-path’? You tend to find your soul mate whilst you’re at it! Yes, you could be charging around doing your thing/getting ahead and accidently (?) meet a life changing lover at a biz meeting/fab job/pitching your creative genius to someone big and powerful/etc. So you’re most likely to fall in love at work and if not, you’re frankly too busy being awesome to worry about it right now; and know in your bones that your chosen path will throw up someone special eventually…when the time is right.

Meanwhile, the New Moon of the 12th is a psychic flash re what your soul-path actually looks like, which is handy. And the Full Moon of the 26th is a gorgeous, emotionally powerful dialogue with whoever you’re (potentially) in love with. Romance is suddenly more beautiful with real, heartfelt communication. Speak up, huh?

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