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LIBRA/LIBRA RISING The love action of early November is in your shamanic soul-sector, so you’re not really worried about nailing down concrete relational status as such right now; you’re more about flowing with soul-matey, magical emotional possibilities. In other words you want love poetry, mysterious synchronicity, secret trysts, practising tantric intimacy with a spiritual companion, personal development workshops… that kind of thing. Meanwhile, what you really can’t wait for is Mars busting into your sign mid month. The new Moon of the 12th is in your cash sector; and gives you all kinds of clues about how to

  1. Tune into your deeper creative/spiritual inspiration.

  2. Figure out how to tweak your day-job scenario, in order to cultivate better opportunities to manifest the aforementioned creative vision within your actual working life.

  3. Make some decent money out of it! It’s that cliché of doing something you love for a living and then ‘never having to work another day in your life’, so to speak.

So just as you start getting your head around this, Mars roars into Libra on the 13th and lends you the bolshie mojo to get confident about your vocational/fiscal vision and work a bit harder and more assertively to make it happen. Yes, and it helps that taskmaster Saturn is now out of your cash sector. Wherever financial planning has felt a bit tight in the last few years (and you have learnt the lessons re not blowing the budget on sparkly, unnecessary crap, yes??), it’s feeling more flexible, adaptable, less risk-reverse? The better to prepare to launch your new thing/income generating scheme in coming months. There is a genius combo of vocational vision, gutsy hard work and careful planning brewing right now, Honour the process, huh? Also, Mars in your sign mid month might your cue to ditch the usual, elegantly passive aggressive vibe (as charming as it is, lol) and speak up, a bit more directly, where necessary, in all aspects of life…something to think about?

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