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GEMINI/GEMINI RISING You now have the interesting honour of taskmaster Saturn in your love sector, as follows: The good news is that if you’ve been hankering after a more tangible, real kind of partnership in your life, it could well be brewing now (and for the next few years). You are becoming more conscious of what it actually takes to maintain a serious, sustainable connection, and you’re prepared to do the work. You could be in an established relationship that’s really hitting its stride, in that you’re becoming more comfortably compatible and committed than ever -the better to properly embrace the road ahead? Or if you’re looking for love, anyone you’re about to meet could end up being way more significant, and geared toward long-term outcomes than you expect. Slowly (very slowly) but surely does new romance blossom, but if you’re in the mood for serious loving, this is a good thing, yes? It’s all about keeping your romantic standards high. On the other hand, if you’re in some kind of dodgy, stuck or emotionally oppressive scenario; you’re questioning things big time. You’re doing a sober, pragmatic inventory of your love life. If it’s good, great, but if not you can feel it in your bones, just cant do compromise anymore and scheming a viable way out of there? The Venus/Mars love action of early November in your domestic sector helps you to evaluate any romance on the following terms; is it domestically viable, could this person become a part of my emotional family, does this person feel like home?? Meanwhile, you have a New Moon on the 12th alerting you to any fab new opportunities on the work front. Could be an actual new gig, promotion/biz scheme etc –keep an eye out, yes? Or just a fresh new attitude on your part? There’s nothing like a bit of renewed focus and personal discipline to turn a flagging job scenario around –or optimize a good one. Plus, a more efficient work ethic frees up extra time to get on with enjoying thy personal life, which is always worthwhile, huh?

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