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CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING The Destiny Point has been in your biz sector for the last 18 months, so you’ve been even more fiercely ambitious than usual about real, tangible, material success in the world recently. And presumably made fab professional progress re this? Great, but with the Destiny Point hitting your vision sector and the New Moon in your lifestyle sector on the 12th; you are productively asking thyself… what does it mean? You are thinking about a bigger vision for thy life; especially with your ruling planet, Saturn, now in your soul sector. So yes, fame &fortune is one thing (and totally on your radar, should you choose to claim it); but what about a life of spiritual meaning, adventure, inspiration, unpredictable possibilities, social stimulation –do your current career goals tee up with that? If so, you’re onto a winner! If not, you might want to look at expanding thy horizons beyond the obvious markers of success, for a good time. These are the existential questions of November. You’re just trying to figure out the meaning of your existence; no pressure or anything, lol. Funnily enough, it could start with romance. Perhaps you are cultivating a connection with somebody who is restless, thrill-seeking, adventurous little wild child? And they’re encouraging you to loosen up and take a risk on a freer way of living and loving? This could be an established relationship, and an existing partner is ready to explore new horizons, the better to keep growing and evolving together? Or someone new and exciting blasts onto your radar, knocks your socks off with their sheer freedom of spirit- and you wanna get on board and explore that? Or. You’re single; you follow your groove by charging off on a new adventure just because you’re ready for unidentified new thrills. You go travelling/embark on a study bender/join a social activist movement/etc and voila! Right time right place synchronicity happens when least expected –you meet someone hot when you get outside your usual haunts and hang out somewhere different. And the Full Moon of the 26th is a brilliant clue re where you want to be vocationally. A stimulating day job, with potential for long-term fulfilment? It’s calling your name.

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